Car Burns Down at Street, Netizens Angry at Video Uploader for Comments

Car Burns Down at Street
During an emergency situation, you should never panic. The first thing you should do is to find a solution to the situation or a quick escape, if possible. If you’re an onlooker, it’s best to help out or call emergency services for immediate assistance.

But that’s not what happened when a car burned down at a street in SSS Village, Marikina. While the owner and some people tried their best to put out the fire, a guy across the street decided to film the incident instead of helping.

Aside from just watching and not offering to help, the guy drew flak for his comments – and netizens were also quite angry with his companions or, at least, the ladies who could be heard also making comments in the video.

The unnamed car owner/driver and some people tried their best to put out the fire, even opening the hood at one point to stop the blaze; but the fire was too much and it engulfed the vehicle’s hood. The people were unable to keep the hood open for long for the blaze was too hot – and it was also getting more dangerous as the vehicle could explode at any given minute.

Car Burns Down at Street

Photo credit: Millennial Trends / Facebook

From across the street, a guy took a video of the incident and made a lot comments about the blaze being a ‘hopeless case’ and that these people should really call the fire department for help. In the video which lasted over 12 minutes, the guy could be heard making comments about the fire needing the ‘bumbero’ (fire department) but never made a move to make a call.

The ladies in the video could also be heard making suggestions as to how the fire can be put out, including using sand, yet none could be heard calling the fire department to report the incident.

When the fire truck finally arrived, the guy taking the video could be heard slamming the fire department for not arriving soon – but many netizens pointed out that it was possible that just like him, everyone else was busy taking videos of the incident instead of calling the authorities! Tsk. Tsk.

Please watch lalo sa mga may sasakyan

Sasakyan nasunog sa gitna ng kalsada.

If you need immediate emergency help, please call 911.

(c) Karl Go
Location: SSS village

Posted by Millennial Trends on Wednesday, May 15, 2019


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