Take a Swim In Your Favorite Drink at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa - Only In Japan!

Green Tea Japan Bath
Coffee, green tea, red wine – these are just some of the most favorite drinks in the world. They are delicious and refreshing. They also contain nutrients that are good for the body.

In fact, they are so good that sometimes, you wish you can just swim in them. Well, good news for you! You can actually swim in your favorite beverage at a spa in Japan. Ridiculous? The Japanese don’t think so. Hey, they have had more outrageous things.

So, this spa is not your regular spa. It is a hot spring located at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa. It offers people more than milk baths and massages.

Clients can have spa baths in green tea, coffee, and. red wine. They can even take a bath in sake, which is Japan’s traditional rice wine. Every beverage has detoxing properties that benefit the spa-goer.

For instance, immersing your entire body in coffee helps you decrease cellulite. Immersing yourself in red wine lets you benefit from antioxidants while taking a green tea bath helps you achieve younger looking skin.

They even add herbs and minerals to give added benefit. Now, you know why the Japanese have the best skin in the world.

Source: Bussiness Insider |Youtube

This spa is really one of a kind. Just don’t try to take a sip, unless you want to taste the dead skin cells of the other people in the spa.

Japanese residents and tourists alike enjoy going there. It is especially popular during the winter. So if you are going to Japan anytime soon, see to it that you check out this spa.


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