Sneaky dog snatches food from passers-by

We all know are known not only for their kindness bt for their smartness as well. In fact, they tagged as man's best friend because of their ability to connect with humans than other species. It is also known that they are the first-ever domesticated species in history.

Don't hold your guard down

In the Philippines, it is normal to see dogs roaming in the streets. Street dogs become a part of the daily lives of most Filipinos that they are not bothered by it anymore. Though there are some that are afraid of them, most are confident towards these dogs. However, I'd say, afraid or not, you should not hold your guard down when they're around. Just like these passers-by.

Dog snatcher

As sad as it is, snatchers are everywhere, not just in the Philippines but the world. They scattered around the globe that one should be vigilant in walking the street, especially, at night. But, what if snatchers are not only composed of humans but dogs as well?

Sneaky Dog

You would think that only real human snatchers have this kind of ability (being sneaky) but, this dog will prove you otherwise. The video shows how dogs can be sneaky as well.

In the video, there are two passers-by walking in the street. One is holding a bag of cellophane that seems like a food 'letchon manok' maybe. And its smell got the dog's attention in no time.

Being sneaky as he is, the dog quietly follows his victims and waited for that perfect timing to get what he wanted. And when he got the chance the dog spare no time in snatching the food and run as fast as he could. The victims try to chase him but failed.


Do not hold your guard down toward dogs, especially, when you're holding a food. Because for them, 'food is life' too.

Watch, how this hilarious dog targeted his victims and snatched away their food.

Snatcher na aso 😂
Posted by Dezzy Logro Alvarado on Friday, February 1, 2019

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