LPCMTC offers 10+ tech-voc free training (Morning & Evening Session Available)

Las Piñas City Manpower Training Center offers free tech-voc training for Las Piñas residence. Details are posted here.

Start of Training is from April 01 to June 23, 2019
Daily session - Monday to Friday for 3 months.


April 06 to December 21, 2019
Saturday Session - 8:00am to 5:00pm for 9 months.

Courses Offered:

Morning Session (7am to 12nn)

1. Computer System Operations
2. Cookery
3. Electrical Inst. & Maintenance
4. Food & Beverages Services
5. Hairdressing
6. Housekeeping
7. Ref. and Aircon Servicing
8. Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II

After Session (1pm to 6pm)

1. Computer System Operations
2. Electronics Products Assembly and Service (E.P.A.S)
3. Hairdressing
4. housekeeping
5. Massage Therapy NC II

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Evening Session (4pm to 9pm)

1. English Proficiency
2. Electrical Inst. And Maintenance
3. Housekeeping
4. Industrial Electricity
5. Motorcycle/ Small Engine Servicing
6. Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II
7. Cookery
8. Electrical Inst. and Maintenance
9. Hairdressing
10. Shielded Metal Ac Welding NC II


Photocopy of the following:
1. Any valid I.D (Address must be Las Piñas City)
Ex. T.I.N/Driver
s License/G.S.I.S/UMID/Voter's Registration Record (V.R.R)
2. Cedula
3. 2 Piece 1x1 colored picture w/ white background
4. Photocopy of H.S Diploma (for those who prefer to take Food and Beverage Services, EPAS and English Proficiency).

Note: For 15-17 years old, attached a photocopy of valid ID of parent together with your valid ID and 2 copies 1x1 colored picture.

Classes start on April 1, 2019 (Daily session) and April 6, 2019 (Saturday Session).

For more information please visit Las Piñas City Manpower Training Center at Padre Diego Cera Ave., Pulanglupa I, Las Piñas City or call Tel. no. 847-0739.

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