Street vendor becomes viral for reading the Bible during free time

Wealth is not all about finances. You can't really consider someone as 'poor' just because he/she lacks finances. And you can't consider someone as 'rich' just because he/she is living a luxurious life. Wealth talks about all aspect of life; spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally.

Inspired netizen

Luren C. Padinas posted on her Facebook timeline how amazed she is seeing a street vendor reading the Bible. She said that she felt inspired and blessed as she saw the street vendor doing this.
"Kanang feeling nga na blessed kau ka tungod nakakita ka sa kilid sa emall sa ingon ani."
Added that the street vendor only sells candy beside emall but she can clearly see that the vendor doesn't mind about it and in fact, feel happy despite his life's status. Said that the vendor readily reads the Bible whenever there's no customer.
"yes pobre sya ug namaligya ra sya ug mga candy but nakita nako nya nga malipayon kau siya . every time wala sya ug costumer sige sya ug basa ug Bible .God is really good."😇😇😇

Kanang feeling nga na blessed kau ka tungod nakakita ka sa kilid sa emall sa ingon ani.yes pobre sya ug namaligya ra...
Posted by Luren C. Padinas on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Inspired netizens

Many Facebook netizens are inspired by the street vendors act. Said that he's really an inspiration to everyone.

One netizen also said that maybe the street vendor is not really poor, that he just wants something to do on his free time.

Take away

It is true that we can't judge someone's status through his appearance. However, no matter what your status is in life, we should bear in mind that we can't survive in this world without God. We are nothing without God.

Bear in mind that the poorest person is not the one without money. It is the one without God.

Kudos to kuya vendor who sees the goodness of life despite his current situation. We should all be like him. Thankful and content to what we have.

Source Lauren C. Padinas

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