5 Strange Phobias you never knew existed

Strange Phobias
A phobia is a fear of a certain thing or experience that seems too difficult to explain. It is more of dreading a situation that poses a little threat or danger, enough to make a person psychological or even physical reactions.
But when people talk about phobia, one of the first things that come to mind is fear of heights, of flying, fear of water, or of needles and a lot more.

What we don’t know is that there are just a lot of uncommon and weird phobias we did not know existed. Here are some of those unusual phobias not everyone is aware of.

Strange Phobias You Never Knew Existed

1. Alliumphobia:

Fear of garlic. Why do you think will anyone fear garlic? While you love to cook some recipes with garlic as an ingredient, it can actually be a cause of panic for someone who has this alliumphobia. People with this kind of phobia may not be able to breathe or they might shake when around garlic.

2. Turophobia: Fear of cheese. When you think that almost every single person in this world loves cheese, well then you are wrong. There are actually certain people who cringe at the thought of eating cheese.

3. Ablutophobia: Fear of bathing. When there is a bad smelling in front of you who seemed like they haven’t bathed for ages, they probably might have ablutophobia. This kind of phobia is more common to women than men.

4. Dextrophobia: Fear of having objected to your right. Now this one’s really weird but yes, some people cannot stand to have objects at their right or anything at the right side of their body.

5. Kenophobia: Fear of looking up to the sky. People who have this fear have such a feeling because they feel overwhelmed by empty spaces.

While it is difficult to understand why these phobias exist, they must at least help us better understand those people who suffer from these things.

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