Top Places You Need to Go in 2018

Taiwan Taroko canyon mountain
The year is almost coming to an end and we are about to welcome another yet exciting year. With the New Year comes new goals, plans, dreams and who can forget about travel goals?
If you have always loved travels and vacations, you might already be thinking about your next destinations. And if you are not decided yet, here are some of the best places that should be part of your bucket list.

(And take note, you will only be needing your Philippine passport when you visit these places.)

 Top Places You Need to Go in 2018

1. Malaysia

You should not forget to include Malaysia in your visa-free travel in 2018. Feed your wanderlust as you take delight in its towering skyscrapers, beautiful architecture, diverse culture and colorful cities.

2. Taiwan

Taiwan is another country that you can visit only with your Philippine passport. There are a lot of attractions you can see here especially when you go to Taipei 101, Longshan Temple, National Museum and Elephant Mountain. Don’t forget to drop by Keelung City before you finish your trip to Taiwan.

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3. Maldives

Maldives is one of the best places in the world for the beach lover in you. It is not technically visa-free but then it has an easy visa policy where you get the 30 day visa when you get there. The scenery is just so heavenly especially when you see the pristine, clear waters which are more than enough to make your jaws drop.

4. Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island - Philippines

Of course, how you can forget to explore your own country? If you have not been to Palawan just yet, it is the time to visit Puerto Princesa. The beaches are a world class beauty that even tourists are dying to experience them. Visiting this place will make you feel more proud and lucky that you are a Filipino.

Tick off these destinations off your bucket list and start packing now!

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