4 Effective Tips to Stop Hair Loss in Men

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Hair loss problems or balding is a common problem in men. It is something that happens due to several factors including stress, diet, medications, mineral deficiency, pollution and a lot more. Wearing a cap most of the time is another reason why guys suffer from hair loss.
Tips to Stop Hair Loss in MenIf you are going through this ordeal, here are some solutions to help you stop or reduce your hair loss.

Tips for Stop Hair Loss

1. Use a mild shampoo and do it regularly. 

Regularly washing your hair with shampoo can help prevent hair loss because it keeps your hair and your scalp clean. When you have a clean head, there is a reduced risk of infection and dandruff that result in hair breakage and loss.

2. Enrich your diet with protein and vitamins. 

There are certain vitamins which are good for your hair like Vitamins A, E and B. Protein also helps promote healthy hair so make sure that these things are incorporated in your diet.

3. Avoid brushing when your hair is still wet. 

When you comb or brush your hair while it is wet, you are only increasing the risk of hair loss because your hair is at its weakest stage when it is wet. It is better to use your fingers first to untangle it or use a wide-toothed comb until it is dry.

4. Massage your scalp with essential oils. 

If you have had hair loss for quite some time, one solution you can do is to massage your scalp with essential oils for a couple of minutes. It can help keep your hair follicles active.

Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons. There are a number of health conditions that result in hormonal imbalance which leads to hair loss.

When you take the right steps to take better care of your hair, you can stop this problem or even be able to grow your hair back.

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