5 Helpful Steps to Move past a Grudge

Helpful Steps to Move past a Grudge
According to a psychiatrist, one of the reasons why people hold a grudge is because the one who has wronged you does not show remorse. While there are some grudges that result from deep pain and hurt and other actions that seem unforgivable, there will come a time when you finally need to let this grudge go instead of holding on to it.

It may be a process that takes a long time, but here are some steps that might just help you.

1. Acknowledge that you were hurt. 

The first step to heal from a grudge is by acknowledging how you feel and acknowledging that someone caused you pain. And you deserve the credit because you were able to cope with the offense.

2. Decide to forgive. 

Forgiveness is a decision you need to make. When you forgive, you don’t necessarily have to reconcile. However, forgiveness means that you have completely accepted what another person has done, or it may also mean that you have to forgive yourself for the way you behaved or something you have done as well.

3. Think about the benefits you can get when you let go. 

When you find it hard to move on past a grudge, just think about the things or the benefits you can get when you finally let go. Think about the kind of life you will have when you don’t have that hatred in your heart anymore.

4. Do not let anger get the better of you. 

It is easy to get angry at someone who caused us pain, but you should not let this anger define you. You are much better than that. The bravest thing you can do is to move forward.

5. Practice letting go.

 Letting go of your grudge is not something you can do overnight. It is a process but you have started it and practice it. It will help if you monitor and control your thoughts, or write them if you must.

Things are always easier said than done and it is true for moving past a grudge. But who says you can’t do it? When it’s time to let go, let it go.

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