How to Gain Weight and Build Muscles Without Getting Fat

How to Gain Weight and Build Muscles
You just need to make dietary changes as well as do exercises that will help you achieve this goal.

Here’s how you can gain weight safely and build muscle mass without getting fat.

1. Set realistic goals. 

Our bodies’ capabilities are all different and you need to know your body’s capacity so that you can set a realistic goal for yourself. Be specific about the amount of weight you want to gain in a specific period of time. Then break down your bigger goal into a short-term goal.

2. Increase your calorie intake. 

In order to gain weight, you will need to increase your overall calorie intake, however, you still need to be careful with the types of food you eat. You still need to stay away from using unhealthy food for gaining weight.

3. Eat more protein. 

For building muscles, you need to eat more protein-rich foods such as poultry, eggs, lean beef or pork, seafood, and dairy products.

4. Work out. 

If you want to build muscles in the specific areas of your body, you need to seek the help of a trainer so that they can recommend the best workout exercises for you.

However, it is also important that you work on each and every muscle group to strengthen all of your muscles. Heavyweight core exercises will help define your core and your abdominal muscles. For your upper body, you can do overhead press, incline bench press, dips and pull-ups and bicep curls. As for the lower body, you can do lunges, barbell squat, leg extension and seated leg curl.

5. Track your progress. 

To see how much you have improved in a particular span of time, it is important that you monitor your progress like your weight. It is also better if you take the before and after pictures of your body so you can see the difference for yourself.

Achieving your desired body is not impossible only if you have the discipline, determination, and patience to make your fitness goals happen.

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