Visa-Free South Korea Entry Granted to Filipino, Indonesian and Vietnamese Visitors for the Upcoming Winter Olympics

South Korea has always been one of the top tourist destinations in Asia because of the country’s beauty and grandeur. And to further boost the tourism industry which suffered from a decline this year, the country is offering a Visa-free entry to tourists coming from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam on the dates covered by the Winter Olympics on 2018.
Visa-Free South Korea Entry Granted to Filipino, Indonesian and Vietnamese
The Winter Olympics or the XXII Olympic Winter Games is a major international event scheduled to be held from February 9 to 25 of 2018.

It is during these dates that the government of South Korea will be temporarily allowing tourists from the said country to enter without the need for visa. And then, if these guests will enter through the regional YangYang Airport, they will be allowed entry to the host city of Pyeongchang until April of 2018.

But wait, there’s more! The South Korean government will also be giving away a tourism pass called the Korea Tour Card so that foreigners can be eligible for discounts for railway tickets and other tourist facilities in the areas of PyeongChang and Gangneung.

According to Viral 4 Real, the entire duration of the Winter Games will be packed with exciting events, and even the opening and closing ceremonies are a must-see.

The days in between are going to be intended for all the sports and competition which include hockey, speed skating and curling. It is going to be a little over two weeks for this event and a total of 102 events in seven different sports.

So, if you plan on heading over to South Korea for your next travel or vacation goals, you should know when the best time is to visit this country.



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