Kid-Friendly Tips for Cooking Vegetables

Making your children eat vegetables can be kind of tricky because kids generally prefer to eat meals with more meat than greens. 
If you find this task a bit of a challenge, there are some techniques you can follow and a lot of ideas to finally make your children eat vegetables. Here are some of the brilliant tips you can try.

1. Add vegetables secretly to their favorite dishes. 

Add vegetables secretly to their favorite dishes
If your children love pizza or pasta, you certainly can incorporate veggies into them without them knowing it.

It is the perfect way for them to eat vegetables while loving their meals.
For example, you can have diced tomatoes, zucchini, or pieces of artichoke hearts on your pizza. You can also do the same for your omelet. And then, for your pasta, you can add mushrooms, spinach, and carrots.

2. Make your vegetable recipes fun. 

Make your vegetable recipes fun
You can add a twist to your vegetable cooking instead of the plain, boring ones to make them more appetizing for kids.
You can cook carrot madeleines, salted zucchini, etc.

The presentation can also make a difference so you can devise how it will look on their plates. Why don’t you try drawing a face on the plate using vegetables like green beans and tomatoes? Or any fun arrangement will do.

3. Involve your kids when cooking. 

Involve your kids when cooking
To make it easier for you to make your children eat vegetables, you need to involve them in the whole process of cooking.

Have them do the washing of the vegetables, and peeling beans, or cut some of them in half.

Choose easy-to-cook veggie recipes for kids. If they know how these meals are cooked, they will more likely eat them especially if they were the ones who made it.

If you think that making your children eat vegetables is a challenge, you are not alone. Other parents go through the same dilemma but you need to know that you can make it happen.

Start that habit in your kids today.

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