5 Risks Soda Consumption Negatively Affects Your Body

 Soda Consumption Negatively Affects Your Body
 Soda Consumption Negatively Affects Your Body  pinterest
Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the country, and it is not a good news.

It goes beyond making you fat and staining your teeth. It brings far more serious health risks than many of us realize. So what are these risks and how can soda really affect your body?

1. Soda can affect your kidney function. 

A Harvard study has found that soda, or the diet cola specifically, is related to an increased risk for kidney decline. It means that the more you drink of this beverage, the higher your likelihood of having problems in your kidneys in the long run. And that is not a pleasant illness to have.

2. Soda increases your risk of diabetes. 

A can of soda is full of sugary calories and high amount of sugar affects your pancreas. And when the time comes when your pancreas won’t be able to correctly function, it won’t be able to keep up with your body’s need for insulin.

3. Soda can dehydrate you. 

Soda contains caffeine and caffeine is a diuretic. It means that it makes you urinate more frequently and when you do, you get easily dehydrated. When your cells are dehydrated, it becomes more difficult for them to absorb essential nutrients needed for your body to function. It also becomes more difficult for your body to eliminate waste.

4. Artificial coloring can lead to cancer. 

Soda contains artificial coloring that is known to cause cancer and other cardiovascular issues. If you want to live a longer life, then you should minimize or stop consuming soda all together.

5. Soda is high in calories. 

Soda contains a lot of sugar and calories, and that is why people who drink a lot of it are more likely fat or obese. If you drink only one can of soda, it will have to take you an hour of walking before you can burn all those calories. It is also bad for your teeth because of its high sugar content.

Soda can be a good thirst quencher because of its sweet and delicious taste. But overall, if you are taking a look at its impact on your health, you might want to think twice about consuming it.

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