How to Maintain Friendships after College

Maintain Friendships after College

One of the things that make us sad about leaving college is the fact that we will be saying goodbye to our classmates and friends.

Though it is not really the real goodbye, things are just not going to be the same as before and it will be more difficult to maintain these friendships.

However, if there is one good thing about friendships after college is that you will feel closer to the people you care about because you will be putting in more effort to see them and be with them.

So how do you really maintain these friendships even after you leave college?

1. Start a fun ritual or tradition. 

Start a fun ritual or tradition

When you start working and taking different paths, it might be a little difficult to adjust your schedules. However, it will help if you agree on a certain day to meet to do some activities and make it a ritual.

For example, you can decide to meet every last Friday of the month to have a slumber party or any activity that you know you will enjoy.

2. Travel or visit each other. 

Travel or visit each other.

If some of your friends are working in a different or far location, it will be great if you take time to visit. It is, even more, fun if you will have to travel a long way to get there. You can enjoy the trip and the vacation and at the same time, be able to spend time with your friend.

3. Show them, love, even when you are not together. 

Show them, love, even when you are not together

You may not be together and you may not be able to spend as much time as you want but it does not mean that you can’t let them feel your love. Even a simple message or chat to remind them you are there is more than enough to make them feel that nothing has changed. You might lead different and busy lives but your relationships can remain the same.

4. Be understanding. 

Be understanding

You will face a different world as soon as you step out of college, and because of that, a lot of things will change in your friends and in you. Your preferences, your taste, your opinion about things and others may also change. But you need to understand that it is normal and you still have to accept your friends for who they have become. It does not change the fact that they are still your friends.

Keeping and maintaining your relationships with the people closest to you after college could be tough but there are people who were able to manage it. They have maintained these friendships even when they grew older and you can do that, too.


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