5 Kinds Of Diseases That Can Grow Within You If You Don’t Sleep Early!

With sleep, the body repairs all of the damaged body parts and heals the body, making you more revitalized for the next day. If you have deprived sleep though, you will face more body deficiencies such as stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Not just that but sleeping relaxes us and makes our body go on reboot mode to freshen up. Also, after a long and strenuous day sleep is a must-have so you can have your day right. But enough of the benefits of sleep; let’s talk about the negatives of having less sleep.

Studies show that you may encounter a lot of diseases and illness which may happen to you right now or in the future if you don’t sleep properly. So without further ado, let’s discuss those.

  1. The bane of those who are old, “Alzheimer’s Disease”, in a 2013 student conducted by John Hopkin’s University researchers, they’ve found out that poor sleeping habits can lead to this disease. Worse, having sleep deprivation speeds up the illness as well. This study was backed up by those who had a previous research which stated that the sleep was essential to eradicate waste, such as one called “cerebral waste”.
  2. Is prostate cancer, another prominent disease, studies show that consists of 2,425 Icelandic men between ages 67-96 those men have a 60% chance of contacting prostate cancer and those men that are reported sleeping late as well. So we get the connection. Scientist attributes the connection of having prostate cancer with sleep deprivation. With sleep deprivation, melatonin count drop low which can cause tumor growth as tumors are depressed with that natural chemical in the body.
  3. Is cardiovascular disease. Poor sleep links to cardiovascular disease. In a 14-year study of 657 Russian men, it has been found out that two-thirds of those that have experienced heart attacks had a sleeping disorder. It has also found out that those who have sleep disorders were 2.6 times more likely to develop a myocardial infraction and finally having a 1.5 to 4 times of having a stroke.
  4. Is not really a disease but a disorder that a lot have and it is obesity, it is already known that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain rather than loss as it slows down your metabolism. So the effect would be a weight gain. Diabetes can be linked as well because it little sleep can exacerbate the accumulation of fatty acids in the blood which can negatively alter the blood sugar levels.
  5. The last one which is the grimmest of all is suicidal thoughts which can ultimately lead to suicide. During a 10-year study 20 of the 240 participants committed suicide after having poor sleep. They’ve concluded that those who suffer sleep has 1.4 times more likely to end their lives due to poor sleep. Sad thing is, it can also multipliers depending on advanced age with stress levels as a factor too.

So be sure to always have proper sleep, meet the needed hours of sleep within your age bracket to lengthen your life. We only have one life and it can be short so make the most of it by preserving it. Stay healthy!

source: powerpositivity

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