C-section Not Granted, Pregnant Mother Took her Life!

She told them that the pain is too much and that she cannot take it anymore and so she begged for a c-section instead of natural delivery. Being denied of her request, she committed suicide.

Accordingly, she was advised by her doctor coming from Yulin, a hospital in Shaanxi province in China, that her delivery through natural birth will be difficult due to the large circumference of the baby. In short, she was advised to have a c-section instead of natural birth.

But the story did not become as easy as that since the family of Ma was against the c-section delivery.

In China, there is also a need for a family member to sign a document to make any medical surgery based on the law made by the State. In a case of emergency, the doctor will also have the right to decide for the patient.

Ma, who was about to give birth, was brought to the delivery room due to great pain. Based on the statement released by the hospital, She went to her family outside the ward to tell them that she already wants to have the c-section because she cannot take the pain anymore, whereas the family members rejected the idea and said that it should be a normal delivery.

The staff also talked to the family and told them the situation but to no avail, they are still after the natural birth.

At about 8 in the evening, Ma fell from the 5th floor of the hospital and immediately died together with the baby. Investigations declared it as suicide.

This situation started an outrage in the country that women should be given more rights for themselves instead of asking the family members to decide for them.

Source: ph.asianparent.com

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