5 Top Places To Visit in Legazpi City Albay [Tourist Spot]

These places will surely make your vacation a one of a kind experience! Herewith are the top places to visit in Legazpi City, Albay.

Many travelers have given their reviews, blogs, and even vlogs about their adventures in the beautiful and scenic place of Legazpi Albay but none of those gave justice (and I guess no one will ever will) about the true beauty of this place.

Legazpi City hailed as one of the top growing cities in the Philippines continuously and progressively serves the adventure and tourism of the place.

In fact, it is not on its way in developing the place as the leading place in terms of scenic tourist spots, nerve-wracking adventures, food, and great hospitality towards the guests and visitors.

The best places to visit in Legazpi City, Albay:

And of course, we’ve all heard the world’s famous Mayon Volcano which is considered as a perfect shaped volcano.

Not only it gives a beautiful scenery in the area but it also provides for the living of the locals in the area because they get to earn by selling native goods and products especially when there are a lot of tourists visiting the place.

As we all know, the region of Bicol has a lot of things to offer such as beaches, diving sites, antique churches, and other heritage sites.

1. Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano will always be the must-see and number one place to see in this city! Have a glance of the perfectly shaped volcano and have your selfies, groufies, and even your photoshoot making it as young background!

You may also play around and do funny and witty poses emphasizing the beauty of the place and most especially of the mountain.

Mayon Volcano
Photo: Famouswonders / Mayon Volcano

2. Lignon Hill

This place makes you see the entire view of the city from the top. Enjoy the view of the place either it's daytime or night time! Other adventures that are available and you must experience are trekking, repelling and zip line activities.

This is more than just a simple park for there is also a special view deck provided for those who would like to simply enjoy the serenity of the view.

Video: Arthur Santi

3. Off-Road Tours, 4WD, and ATV Adventures!

Are you ready the relish the ultimate excitement that you have within you? This is the best activity for those who are brave enough to explore in a not so smooth way!

Be ready to explore the place using the rented equipment and have a blast driving and at the same time roaming around! This is highly recommended especially to those who would like to feel their adrenaline rushing throughout their body.

Off-Road Tours, 4WD, and ATV Adventures!
Photo: Mayonatvtour

4. Vera Falls

Be one with the nature as you visit the Vera Falls but just be sure that you will bring your swimming attire and materials for you will surely not resist of swimming at the bottom part of the waterfall.

The place is simple yet peaceful and serene which makes it perfect for those who are simply fond of enjoying nature.

Vera Falls
Photo: Pinterest / Vera Falls

5. Cagsawa Ruin Park

Are you ready to see face to face the popular bell that can be seen in the postcards of Mayon Volcano? Then come and visit the Cagsawa Ruin Park.

This place offers the best scene for a photo opportunity as well as a place of learning.

Cagsawa Ruin Park
Photo: Wikipedia / Cagsawa Ruins
You will get to realize that this place is actually an old church and is a product of the eruption of the Mayon Volcano. What’s interesting and amazing about it?

The bell is the only thing that remains from that entire church.

Visit the place and accomplish once more one of your travel goals! Enjoy!

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