Specialists Are Urging Parents Not To Swing Children By Their Arms

But wait! Before you attempt to do it again, take caution. It might lead to unwanted accidents that may be bad for your children’s health.

According to Kids Health, a non-profit website, if we swing our children’s arms too much. It might hurt them, especially if the parents are not really careful.

Infants and toddlers, their age are in 1-4 still have weak bones, joints, and ligaments. As they are still trying to grow, they still have fragile body systems that may be injured if not careful enough. To be specific, the child might experience the “Nursemaid’s elbow”.

What is Nursemaid’s elbow though, you ask? 

Simple, it’s the dislocation of the elbow joint, this is also called “pulled elbow” but to go into details. This is simply caused by pulling the arms too much. If it’s forced to the extent of exerting too much effort, it will cause the arms to pull away from the joint, making them dislocated. As children have weaker bones, like we said earlier, they are more prone to this disability.

Although making it better is easy, the experience and pain of the child might seem to be a forever to them. With little tolerance to pain, it will be no wonder why they will cry on that matter!

Though it is really rare for this to happen, according to doctors, extreme caution and application of common sense are still necessary to make sure that this will be avoided. Better be safe than sorry so they say.

child crying

So before you have a wonderful time by swinging your arms in with your children, make sure you have complete control of your force to not cause the Nursemaid’s elbow, or better, find another thing to play around!

As a child, that one still needs a lot to learn so it’s better to teach new stuff. Still, it is the parent’s decision to do and know what’s best for their child.

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