5 Beautiful Places in Catanduanes, Must-See!

Looking for a one of a kind adventure with your Barkadas? Then the province of Catanduanes is the perfect place for you!
Located in the “Bicolandia” region of Luzon in the Philippines, the place is well known for its pristine beaches and one of a kind water falls. The province of Catanduanes is also called as the “Virac Island” for the locals and is also considered as the 12th most large island of the country.

The Island that can be found in this place is the Island of Panay, Lete, and Palumbanes group (Porongpong, Tignob, and Calabagio). With the number of islands found in the province, it is impossible to run out of adventure in this place.

Table of Contents:
I. List of Beautiful places In Catanduanes.
  1. Green Lagoon
  2. Binurong Point
  3. Balacay Point
  4. Puraran Beach
  5. Water Falls
II. How to go to Catanduanes.

Here is the list of the MUST-SEE PLACES in this beautiful province of Catanduanes.

1. Green Lagoon

This is a secluded area that even local tourists are not all aware of. It might be difficult to find this place but once your eyes laid on the beautiful scenic lagoon, all your hardships (as it includes trekking) in reaching this place will be paid off. Enjoy the serenity of the place as you take a refreshing dip into its water.

2. Binurong Point

This place is perfect for those who would simply like to enjoy the view and interact with the locals. This place was used before as a pasture land of carabaos and now it turned to be a scenic attraction. The simplicity of the place will make you even more excited and thrilled to get to know its history more.

3. Balacay Point

If you’re looking now for a higher place to go, then this place is what you are exactly looking for. This place provides an amazing 360 degrees view of the province. If you would like to do it by car (if you’re not really into walking), then all you have to do is bring your car with you and start driving going to the hilltop. An entrance fee of 10 pesos is needed for the maintenance purposes of the place.

4. Puraran Beach

Surfing adventure at its finest is what this place has to offer! Located in an isolated cove of the town of Baras, this place has been a top destination for the tourists most especially for the surfing enthusiasts.

5. Waterfalls

Three water falls can be found in the province, the Nahulugan Falls, Dororian Falls, and Maribina Falls. Most of these falls can be reached by riding a tricycle or what the locals call as “habal-habal”. Try to visit these falls and get to see these breathtaking view.

How to get here in the province of Catanduanes

You can take a direct flight from Manila to Virac Catanduanes (available flight in going to this place in once a day based on the Cebu Pacific flights). Another way is to head to Legazpi through a bus and be ready for a 12-hour ride adventure. Once you arrived in Legazpi, go to the Tabaco port and ride in a boat which will take you to San Andres (3 hours travel). Be cautious of your schedule since the boat traveling from this Port heading to Catanduanes are from 7 AM to 1 PM only.

Bring the entire Barkada with you and head on to Catanduanes! Enjoy the place and have a blast on your vacation! :)

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