How to acquire a PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card

Do you want to find a way where PAG-IBIG membership is lifetime and cannot be renewed?
Want to find out how through PAG-IBIG you can garner benefits and get discounts on select stores and services then let’s talk about the new card system of PAG-IBIG, the PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card!

First, there would be a membership fee of 100 PHP. One of the main requirements is that you are an existing PAG-IBIG member and should have their Membership ID (MID) with this you can be ensured that the processing may speed up and you can acquire the card much faster.

But in case you’ve lost or don’t remember your MID Number, don’t fret, just go to the nearest PAG-IBIG Branch near you, give your whole name and you’ll get your information.

How to Apply for Loyalty Card

1. Now, to apply for the loyalty card, you must download and fill-up the PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card Application Form on their website,
2. from there you need to go the nearest PAG-IBIG branch in your location and
3. submit the application form and pay 100 PHP to their cashier.
4. Once you’ve paid the fee, you need to get your picture taken, confirm your information and sign your signature on their signature tablet.

Once you’ve all finished those steps, wait for it at least a month or 45 days, show your receipt to the counter and acquire. You can also ask for a courier to deliver your card with no additional expenses at all.

If you like your company to acquire the card, there’s also an option to request PAG-IBIG personnel to come into your office so you can all conveniently apply for the card.

There are also benefits and rewards that you can find HERE. So don’t miss out the opportunity and apply today!


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