5 Persons you should not prioritize over your Wife

This might clear any confusion you might have by just look in the headline, so without further ado, let’s enumerate and explain!

1. Are your kids 

Now before you blow your mind, let’s explain why you should prioritize your wedded one first. You and your wife let these kids in this world, you taught them all they need to know before learning more in school, so if you have a weak connection with your wife, it will hinder your nurturing of the kids as well. So if you have a better relationship with your wife, your relationship with the kids will develop as well.

2. Are the imaginary women in your life. 

It’s a normal to have crushes on actors and celebrities but if it affects your relationship with your wife, you may have issues that may cause turmoil with your wife. Make sure that you only have intimate imaginations with your wife, rather than daydream those celebrities that you would never be with because you’re already married.

3. The other women you meet in your daily life.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you should only have an interest in your woman rather than finding the missing traits in other women. You’ve married her because you’ve made the decision of living your life together with her. You’ve married her because out of all women, she’s the one you think may fill the hole in your heart, so why to search another one, if you’ve found your perfect one.

4. Your in-laws, these relatives of yours are less important than your wife. 

Sure, there are her parents but you should always remember that the relationship you have with you and your wife is more important. Your kids depend on your relationship and while in-law relationships are always not perfect, you should try and make sure that the bond between you and your wife remains intact.

5. Your friends

Those are the ones that have been in your life before or even after your marriage with your wife. Sure, they may be there when you have small quarrels with your wife, but you should remember that you and your wife are bonded and united. You are one and the same. The importance of having a strong family matter more than the camaraderie of friendship. Also, if they are really true friends, they’d understand you. They’d understand that the bond between your wife should be more important than the bond you have with them.

That’s the 5 persons you shouldn’t prioritize over your wife. This article doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give time to them but you should always have your wife as your #1 and nothing else.

You’ve already vowed in your wedding that you are united and bonded by your love and that’s what matters. With those things said, go make your wife happy!

Source: Ph.Asianparent.com, Photo: Pixabay // Luxstorm

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