5 Foods That You Should Avoid Before Your Long Flight

When you get on a plane, you may just be sitting down during the journey but the whole experience still has some physical demands.

For the most part, you want to be as comfortable as you can be — especially during a flight that takes 10 hours or more.

What you eat right before you board the plane or during your flight determines how you will feel when you land. There are food and drinks that you should indulge in if you want to avoid jet lag,  Here are five of them:

1. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

Aside from disrupting your sleep cycle, caffeine also dehydrates you. If you drink too much coffee or beverages with high caffeine content then you're going to feel exhausted by the time you get to your destination. You're just setting yourself up for jet lag if you indulge on coffee.

2. Alcohol.

You may think that alcohol makes you sleepy, but it's not the kind of sleep that makes you feel rested. Then again, even if you do manage to nod off, alcohol dehydrates you so you will still wake up feeling tired.

3. Fast food.

With its high fat and sodium content, consuming your favorite burger-and-fries combo could lead to indigestion and water retention. This isn't exactly a combination that you'd enjoy.

4. Sugar-free food. 

Artificial sweeteners may also cause you to feel gassy. They may also have a laxative effect, so you may end up making several trips to the restroom during the flight.

5. Beans.

Obviously, this makes you feel bloated and gassy. You're going to be uncomfortable and will then be unable to get any rest during your flight. In addition to beans, you should likewise avoid other gas-producing food such as garlic, dairy products, and onions. It would also be wise for you to skip carbonated drinks.

So, the next time you prepare for a long haul flight, make sure you eat right. Keep your meals light and nutritious. Of course, don't forget to drink water.

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