Jollibee PWD Staff Touched Customers Heart Becomes Viral

A photo has been viral because of the touching story of a Jollibee customer, Tel Bartolo who shared a photo of her and a Jollibee staff, Ella. 
This isn’t a typical story of good Samaritan but rather Ella is a special staff in Jollibee Paliparan because she is a PWD (Person with Disability).

Ella’s determination to work in normal environment despite being deaf and mute touched Tel’s heart, Tel even mentioned that she was overjoyed by Ella’s sincere smile while giving service to Jollibee customers.

This viral photo gained positive feedback from netizens, where most are really happy that Jollibee has opened their doors to PWD for employment.

Jollibee PWD Staff Touched Customers Heart
Photo: Tel Bartolo

In the Philippines, work for the PWD is not as generous as other western countries like USA or UK, there is still discrimination from employers where more often than not would think twice before employing a PWD or because they are not well oriented of the laws about equally employing PWDs like normal individuals.

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According to RA 10524 people with disability are entitled to opportunities the same as with normal individuals, PWDs shouldn’t be denied the opportunity as long as they’re suitable for the employment.

A person’s handicap or disability shouldn’t be a hindrance for them to get employment, after all, they are also individuals who have families to support and more often than not they are more motivated with work compared to normal folks out there.

Let’s be supportive with our PWD brothers and sisters by eliminating discrimination in the workplace.

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