Applying Assessment and Certification (Guide on How to be official TESDA Certified)

If you could recall TESDA offers free courses online you can enroll to, after finishing up the free course, the next step is getting TESDA certified with the course you chose.

This one, however, is not free, you will need to pay a fee for the assessment and this fee depends on what course you took. To know how much it will cost you.

Here’s a quick guide on how to be official TESDA Certified:

Guide on Applying Assessment and Certification

1. Visit any TESDA Accredited Assessment Center or Regional Training Center, best to go to the nearest your area.

2. Bring along the following requirements:

a. Assessment Application form
b. Filled out Assessment Guide of the course you have chosen. Make sure there are no erasures and a black pen is used.
c. Three Passport size Id picture with white background, you should wear a collared shirt. And put your complete name and signature at the back of the photo.
d. Pay assessment fee in the registrar's office avail the admission slip and official receipt which is required for the examination.
e. Make sure you have prepared all requirements on the date of assessment.
f. Undergo NC assessment, which will be both written and actual exam.
g. Pass the exam
h. Once you passed the assessment, you can claim the National Certificate 7 days after the application date. The Certificate of competency will then be provided to you by TESDA.

Make sure you are keen with the submission of requirements so you won’t be disqualified with your application. Best of luck and hope you all pass!


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