This Guy Has A Disability But You Won't Believe What He Did That Insipred Others

Erwin Dayrit, has been born with a brittle bone disease also known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, it’s a genetically inherited disease usually characterized by bones that breaks easily. 

Despite his condition, Erwin Dayrit is actually a Filipino Artist who was recently known for his amazing work of arts, and on top of that, he is a mentor at GUHIT Pinas, a Facebook arts community. Erwin also received several awards because of his work of arts.

His work of arts are mostly made from colored ballpoint pens, and amongst his creation, the recently famous one is his masterpiece of Apo Whang Od, the famous 95-year-old tattoo artist also known as the Last Mambabatok.

While his masterpiece is still under its way, Erwin posted it on social media to show the progress of his painting.

 Erwin Dayrit

Netizens were very much impressed, especially the folks who are supporters of Apo Whang Od, positive comments and feedbacks flooded Erwin’s posts, not only because his masterpiece is complex, detailed and beautiful but because he is such an inspiration to the Filipino youth in what he does, especially for those who has disability and illness.

Photo: Erwin Dayrit

It shouldn’t be a hindrance to pursuing one’s passion, you may never know how pursuing your passion can inspire others.

Like Erwin, who pursued his passion despite his physical challenges, every Filipino should not let trials hinder their dreams to share their passion.


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