Viral: They Opened The Milo Tetra Pack Because Their Daughter Won't Drink It And This Is What They See Inside

A netizen recently shared a video about their experience with a local chocolate milk drink. 

In the video, you’ll see they’ve cut open the tetra pack of the chocolate milk drink and saw solid stuffs inside it.

The netizen even showed the expiry date of the drink which is August 2017 to compare of what the drink has inside.

The netizen is claiming the drink is already expired, since their daughter didn’t finish off the drink. So be the judge of the video if the chocolate drink is really expired or not, and if the manufacturer is liable to them.

Most netizens who reacted to the video had negative feedback about the one who posted the video, saying it was an overreaction, but how do we really make sure that the drinks we’re giving our kids are safe to drink?

Here are some things you can consider:

#1. Always check for the expiry date
 For his case the expiry date of the drink was still August 2017, still be very keen to check the expiry date of your purchase.

#2. Check the quality of the drink and packaging 
If you can see that the tetra pack is already bloated or is already not in good quality, better not buy it.

#3. Always buy from your trusted brand/manufacturer 
Quality always wins than compromising your children’s health.

#4. And if you’re very keen to give the best for your kids, best not to buy pre-prepared drinks for your kids.
You can make it yourself at home, it’s organic, safe (since you know what it’s made from) and in the long run cheap.


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