14 Profitable Ways To Earn Money Online While Staying at Home

Profitable Ways To Earn Money Online
Getting jobs in the outside world is strenuous enough and what about those people who just want to work in their houses or they have school and their schedule is tough? However thanks to the digital age there are new ways to make money while online.
Being a Parent is one of the biggest responsibilities any parents will have, and earning money while being a stay at home is a common dilemma.

In this fast-paced world, we always need money. Whether it’s for savings, buying new stuff, paying bills, etc. everyone wants money for their sustenance. But getting jobs in the outside world is strenuous enough and what about those people who just want to work in their houses or they have school and their schedule is tough?
However thanks to the digital age there are new ways to make money while online.

14 Profitable Ways To Earn Money While Staying at Home

1.  Sell pre-loved items online.

Let go of those clutters at home and do an inventory, you can sell old items, pre-loved and never been used items online. Either you can sell it on your Facebook account or create your own Facebook Page or utilize selling apps like OLX.ph, Etsy, Carousel, Duriana and get more customers out of your own circle.

Nothing beats the classics in earning money. Through solid and communicative way of trading! But this time, it’s more advanced than our ancestors would use to do. Online Shopping websites like Lazada, Shopee, OLX and more are willing and waiting for you to sell stuff there.

There are a lot of buyers and sellers of different products that you can capitalize on. Have an old guitar that you aren’t using anymore, sell it for more cash! If you have old pre-loved items that you wish to pass on to another person but at the same time, you need money as well? Sell it and you’ll find a rightful owner for your item! Signing up on those websites are easy to start selling and start earning money.

2.  Open an online shop.

If you think you have a good product for selling, say baked goodies or apparels, you can open up your own Facebook Shop through Facebook Pages, and join Facebook groups of your target market.

3.  Sign up for survey sites

Now, this can be a bit tricky and you need to be very keen on signing up on legit survey sites. You get paid by signing up and answering surveys.

Here are some legit survey sites we know.
Swagbucks, Moborg and Toluna.

4.  Don transcriptionist jobs.

Transcription jobs are not merely typing jobs, but you may need to listen to an Audio and Video and transcribe the conversation.
Here are sites where you can start doing transcription jobs:
TranscribeMe.com, Scribie or Finding a client in Onlinejobs.ph

5. Work as a Virtual Assistant.

Working as a Virtual Assistant is one of the popular trends in the Online Market, you are literally an assistant virtually but you get paid with real money. ;) You can start being one by creating your profile on Upwork or Onlinejobs.ph

6. Blogging.

Why not try blogging? There are a lot of websites that can help you start your own blog.

Check out our quick guide on how to start a blog.

If you’re up to writing and blogging is your thing, you can actually earn with your blog, just by being updated all the time and if you have heaps of viewers or subscribers you can earn money by companies wanting to put an advertisement on your blog site.

But what do you do in blogging?

You can post stories, it can vary from yourself, a story you have created and more! Gain some traffic, by traffic I mean internet views and once you got that, you can apply for Google Adsense and those advertisement giving sites like infolinks, chitika, and mgid. They can put ads in your blogsite so that they could advertise their clients and they will use you as medium, for that you can gain money easily!

The tricky part here is the traffic, you need to have ways to garner traffic, how to do it? I’ll leave it up to you because there are tons of ways to do it, just got to find the right combination.

7.  Open a stocks account.

You can actually monitor your stock earning online, so it’s as easy as a click for you to get your stock earnings. The first step is to sign up in COL FINANCE website and you can either attend a seminar or talk to your friendly broker on how you can get started in buying stocks.

8.  Data entry jobs.

One of the easiest jobs online, but you also need to be keen on signing up for a data entry job, there are jobs that are actually scams, and you can always get legit Data Entry Jobs on Upwork or Onlinejobs.ph.

While this can also be classified in the freelancing part, there is a certain charm on this work. It covers a wide variety also from creative writing, technical writing, legal work, etc. Writing is a skill that takes a lot of language lessons and grammar mastery to develop. A perfect letter would have a greater chance of getting great results than a mediocre one.

You can get paid depending on the length, type, and deadline of the job so it is flexible! 199jobs, raket, essays.ph are examples of freelancing sites that are more specialized in writing and are trusted by thousands of users.

9.  Be an ESL Teacher.

Teach English online and get paid real money, usually starts at 110pesos / hour, you just need to converse in English with Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese students. Examples of companies who are looking for online ESL Instructors are Rarejobs.com and Talk51.

10. Affiliate Marketing.

Is a common way to earn money, you sell something that someone else sells like selling products from Avon, Natasha, Human Nature and sell it online with an add-on price.

Doing affiliate jobs for online shops are a great way to earn money while doing few things. You just need to advertise their website and their products. The focus here is to show some products that internet surfers might find interesting and when they buy it, you get a commission out of it. Sounds neat, yes?

There are tons of ways to promote their products, for example, Facebook sharing and Advertisements in blogs which we’ve talked about earlier. Examples of online shopping sites that give affiliate programs are Lazada, Zalora and more! So better check it out. Remember, you don’t need investment on this!

11. Stock Photography.

This is an online job where the pictures you take can be sold online! It can really be easy as long as you have a smartphone. Better if your smartphone has good camera pixels on it.

You can take any pictures, to be honest. It can vary from sceneries, animals, objects, etc. Again, it has a wide variety and the better the shot is, the more it will sell.

PhotoBucket, Shutterstock, iStock are the most trusted in this line of work. So if photography is your hobby, make it as a part-time job!

12. Buy and Sell Domain Names.

Not a popular job but it pays. You can hit the jackpot on this one especially if you know the trick. First, you need to research about what domain names would be popular in the current trend and when you’ve found one, buy them!

GoDaddy is one of the most trusted buy-and-sell domain sites in the world. It also accommodates Filipinos so go give it a shot. Remember, you can make or break it here, just got to be keen on trends.

13. Freelancing.

Basically the most well-known money-making source of the internet, people have a lot of things to do that they can’t simply handle it alone. Chances are they are on a tight schedule or don’t have the means and abilities to do it. But fear not! People who want to earn extra money online rely on freelancing jobs to get it done.

As a freelancer, you need to have certain skills regarding the matter at hand to ensure that you can do it and do it great! Some example of skills that are needed by others are reading, coding, singing, voice acting, photography, videography and more!

There are wide varieties of work that people can do and it helps them with their everyday lives, it’s a win-win! Websites such as raket.ph, 199jobs, UpWork, Freelancer are examples of freelancing jobs, go try one and earn some $$$.

14. Become a YouTuber.

Do you want to become famous as the Vlogger you follow every time with their lives recorded on the Internet?

Do you want to be a person that can share facts and debunk myths in YouTube?

Do you want to share your game plays and tactics in a certain game on YouTube?

If one or all of your answers are yes, then guess what? You can record your videos and monetize that on YouTube and therefore, gain money!

YouTube uses ads to monetize your videos and as long as you get views, you gain money! The system works like blogging, for your blog to succeed, you need internet traffic. For a YouTube Channel to be successful, you need views!

To have a constant number of views, you need to gather regulars to your channel or commonly known as “subscribers” they also are on a lookout on your videos and constantly give you views, which means more money.

Making money on YouTube is limitless so search your favorite one and start recording!

As you can see there are tons of ways to earn money online. These ways are free and do not need your money to be used before getting to earn more cash. One quick tip though, it is not fast as you think it is. Doing online jobs require patience and hard work. You need to be fully dedicated to your work and master it.

Whether you have different jobs than those who are doing jobs online too, don’t compare. Just keep on mastering your work and you’ll be earning in no time. People who only need extra cash may find great jobs on the internet so give it a shot.

These are just simple ways you can earn while staying at home, but always be keen to identify what is legit and what is flop.

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