Netizen Shares A Simple Act Of Kindness From Mcdonalds And Got Positive Feedback From Social Media


Eireen Beltran, posted a photo of her order from Mcdonald’s delivery together with the medicine bought from Mercury Drug by the Mcdonald’s delivery crew last November 5, 2016.

Eireen was very ill that day and had to order food from the Mcdonald’s online app, she was very weak that day and has no one to help her to buy medicine, so she tried her luck and placed a note on the remarks field of her order: 

“Possible pobanamagpabilina din diretso ng medicine? Biogesic lang po. May lagnat kase ako. ‘Di ako makalabas para bumili. If ok lang naman po. Babayaran ko naman po. Salamat”

Simple Act Of Kindness From Mcdonalds
Source: Facebook/Eireen Beltran

She didn’t expect that the food delivered to her includes a Mercury drug pack with the Biogesic she requested, and was really thankful to the Mcdonalds for granting her strange request. She then posted in her social media,

“That moment when you’re sick and no one can help you. Thanks Mdco for the medicine.”

Her post became viral and netizens positive feedback was unending towards the restaurant. The people investigated that the good hearted branch was located in Muntinlupa City.

The service that the Mcdonald’s crew revealed is what we call a real Extra Mile. Hopefully we can see and experience more good hearted deeds like these.


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