Viral Video: Train To Baclaran Is More Frightening Than Train To Busan

Accidents do happen. And we do understand. Nobody’s perfect. But nobody, or in this case, no body part, should be put to harm by unnecessary mishaps if only and only if authorities do their job properly.

We can see this as a good laugh. Like, wow, lucky you, you got in fast. But let me breathe out a little negativity here. What if he didn’t? What if, this man actually had a part of his body not in yet, and that door slammed close cutting a limb? Can we just laugh about it? Well, I’m sure I won’t!

And hey, we’re not angry on the Train Authorities here. Actually, we’re furious. That could be a senior citizen, a child, a pregnant woman, a disabled, a person with a heart problem.

Sabi nila nakakatakot daw ang Train to Busan. Di ko pa kase napanood.
Pero sigurado ako na nakakatakot itong nasaksihan ko.
#TrainToBaclaran, Florano Said.

The proper authorities should look into this. And we’re not talking here about warnings. Lucky there was somebody inside the train who is caring enough to warn a coming passenger about the malfunctioning door.

What we are saying here is that carriages that are not 100% well maintained should be temporarily removed to avoid untoward incidence. And should be done now, right this moment. That door services at least 5 to 10% of the total daily passenger in a day. How sure are we that there will always be a knowing passenger that is as willing to give that warning?

Then again, we know that this is not a responsibility of the passengers, it’s not even Superman’s or Batman’s! This is a job by the Train Authorities and the Government.


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