Nail Biting caused this Man to Die


John Gardener, a 40-year-old man, living in Lancashire, United Kingdom, suddenly died of a heart attack because of his nail-biting habit.

This is a shocking news for UK, where nail biting caused this man to die, has been an intriguing case for the medical field.

Prior to his death, John was diagnosed to have been suffering with anxiety and depression, the cause of his depression is unknown, but has been undergoing treatment with a specialist as well. Because of his mental ailment, he then developed a chronic nail biting habit, where he can’t stop biting his nails at first whenever he is anxious but eventually almost every time.

Nail Biting caused this Man to Die

According to his Physician, John would often attend consultation with his hands already bleeding because of the constant nail-biting.
Despite medical interventions, John, eventually was admitted in the Emergency Department with severe infection because of his bleeding fingers.

Due to the severity, one of John’s nails had to be amputated. Antibiotics was administered to cure John’s infection, and was able to recuperate, however all of the sudden John suffered a heart attack which caused his death.

According to the physicians, it is possible that his heart attack was caused by the infection that may had affected his heart already.

This has been a tragic incident in UK that medical practitioners would like to highlight the importance of addressing the appropriate treatment of mental illness that may cause death to patients. Though this case is quite rare, this is a reminder to those who like to bite their nails often.


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