China Buying Fresh Air Is A "Real Thing" To Sold In The Local Chinese Market


As crazy as it can get, yes, China is now buying Fresh Air straight from the New Zealand Alps, Canada and Australia to be sold in the local Chinese market. 

Even though pricey, it has been proven sensational both in China’s middle-class and wealthy individuals.

Price would range from $20-$32 per canister which will last between 150-200 breaths, it comes along with an air mask for the customer to have a real experience of what fresh air should be.

China Buying Fresh Air

Air should be essentially free for all, but because China’s smoggy air is considered as one of the most polluted in the world, which causes health hazards and even death to locals, entrepreneurs from New Zealand came to the idea of selling “Fresh Air in a can”.

China Buying Fresh Air-2

China is the best target for this bizarre product, according to Green and Clean Air CEO, John Dickinson. Now that Chinese residents are said to becoming more conscious about their health and well-being, but feel helpless on how to change the status of their polluted air, they would opt to buy “fresh air in cans” rather than travelling overseas.

China Buying Fresh Air-3

As popular as it may seem, company owners has a disclaimer that the fresh air, will not make any difference in your current health, however, will give you the sensation of breathing fresh air.

According to WHO, there is no shortage of possible destinations for this product, since they have sited there are countries with high pollution levels above the WHO standards, and though may be considered as an odd business, it makes sense why people would pay heaps of dollars just to breath fresh air.


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