100 day Maternity Leave has finally been endorsed by the House


The long awaited 100 day Maternity Leave has finally been endorsed by the House Committee on women and gender equality. 

Meaning the Bill for 100 day Maternity Leave for working individuals has been endorsed for final approval. The current Maternity Leave benefit for married or unmarried mothers is 60-78 days both in private or government offices, regardless if the mother has undergone a Normal Delivery or Cesarean Section.

House Bill 4113 or the 100 Day Maternity Leave Law focuses on providing quality maternal and post-natal care on mothers and the child. And regardless if the mother had undergone Normal Spontaneous Delivery, Cesarean Section, Abortion, Miscarriage or Maternal Anomaly the mother is eligible for the 100 Day Maternity Leave. It also gives the eligible mother a security on her job tenure ship while being on Maternity Leave.

The Bill also states that eligible female workers who will avail their maternity leave should receive at least 2/3rds of their regular monthly salary. Once this bill is approved, it actually gives the mothers more time to recuperate and provide immediate care to their child, this will also enable them to go back to work after a full recovery.

In addition, the said bill highlights the responsibility of Civil Service Commission and SSS to review the maternity leave benefits of eligible individuals in all covered areas.

This is definitely good news to working mothers out there and hopefully we’ll get a modified Paternity Leave Benefit as well, which will highly benefit the welfare of the Filipino family.


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