Homeless Pinay Artist, Jhalanie Matuan Gets Solo Art Exhibit

How do you measure up success? Is it by how much money you earn from it? Or by the certificate you mount on the wall?

Behind her, every artwork lies different stories. It was amazing to see her like she never run out of ideas.

Jhalanie Matuan Gets Solo Art Exhibit -

Jhalanie Matuan

She didn’t complain about her circumstances. She didn’t just sit for miracle to happen. After seeing a few crayons from the trash can, she took an action and bought the paper the next day to start drawing. She took it as an opportunity unlike most of us.

Most of us don’t love our jobs that we may be earning more than enough but don’t feel fulfilled. Or, maybe, we overlooked the opportunities because we didn’t get our preferences. We get frustrated instead.

Maybe, her story is telling us that we can take one day at a time. Resources don't even need to be an excuse. There’s gotta be a paper and pencil in your drawer somewhere.

Then, a couple of good-hearted men then saw her passion and volunteered to sponsor her art exhibit last year. Even after receiving this opportunity to make a fresh start, she said that she will still go back to the street.

via: Youtube | CCTV News

Jhalanie maybe earning a few pesos from her artwork. But, the reward of having to express herself and share her talent is priceless that no one can steal away from her. That is success.


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