New Rescue 911 System Coming this August


Manila, Philippines - We see it in movies all the time -- when there’s an emergency, someone picks up the phone and calls the cops in as easy as three digits. However, that’s something from American flicks. So far, we have not had our own 911. But all that will change come August 1.

The new administration has instructed local government units to create a nationwide emergency network reachable through 911. This is part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s relentless campaign against crime.

911 System
Source: blog.nickdael

The system is modeled after the existing Central 911 of Duterte’s hometown. Calls to the number will be routed to the existing Patrol 117 system, increasing the efficiency and coverage of the program. To make it easier for the people, the 911 number does not require any area code.

911 System davao
Photo: 911 Davao Social Media

The nationwide 911 hotline is expected to connect the caller to police, fire, rescue, medical, and even K9 units. This is in following Davao’s lead. These units -- especially medical responders -- are expected to be deployed less than a minute after the call is processed. Later on, even CCTVs monitoring public areas will be included in the system.

The authorities are expecting challenges to come around the time the system is fully deployed. To combat these, they are hoping for the public’s cooperation. That means no prank calls -- they’re even planning on passing a law to impose sanctions against these pranksters.

Telecommunications companies are also expected to cooperate. However, this early on, Globe says they will be charging Php 5 per 911 call.


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