Watch 9-month pregnant do this, then her friends were totally shocked!

A 9-month pregnant woman named Jess has decided to film his mind blowing act with her friends. They went to a garage where she did the unexpected trick.

Jess dropped the down floor and makes a perfect split. She even tells the viewers to "Prepare yourself before you watch!".

Her friends are shocked on what he did even when he was heavily pregnant and has the guts to show her flexibility and determination.

7 days later after she just did that with her friends she went into labor the twin baby was born into the world and named Kyson & Kayden. This twin baby born normal, happy and healthy.

The boys are now a toddler and for sure they're Mom were proud.

“Thousands of smiles, tears, and sleepless nights later they have taught me so much about the little things in life and have shaped who I am today as their mother,” Jess wrote on YouTube. “I wouldn’t change any second of it for the world.”

Watch her mind-blowing act, you'll be shocked what she did:

Source: Youtube

Do you think you can do this trick even if you are pregnant? Tell us our thoughts below.

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