Must Read! Don't Do THIS During Your 'Menstrual Period'


Having periods (menstruation) indicates that some important parts of your body are working normally.

Most women menstrual period usually occur from 3 - 5 days. The menstrual cycle provides important body chemicals, called hormones to keep you healthy.

There are things you should not do  during menstrual period. Read some to follow below.

Never Skip Meals:

Do not ever try to skip your meals when on a period. You should know that you are losing blood and the food you eat will keep more energetic.

Unprotected Sex:

To avoid infections it is recommended that you should not intercourse during a period.

Physical Work:

- You might experience stomach and back pain during a period. So, you should avoid Physical work, it will make your pain worse.

Stay Up All Night:

- Staying up all night is not a good idea. You will feel better if you fell asleep early in the evening.

Additional tips During Period:

- Do not drink cold water (it may lead to menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall, link to cyst and cancer Rahim. )

- Avoid soft drinks or soda water.

- Do not eat cucumbers. (there is a substance in  a cucumber that  can be cause for some liquid to stay in the uterus).


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