Know why you must sleep on your left side

We all know that sleeping is one of the most important parts of your physical and mental health. However did you know that sleeping position has a great impact on your health? One of these is to improve your digestive health.

Did you know that sleeping on the left side of your body can  save your life? Find out why you have to do it right now.

There are times that you sleep on your front, Back, left side or right side this really affects your health. Sleeping on your back is not good for the one who has asthma or apnea cause this will make it more difficult to breathe.

On the right side, this position will make worst you digestion problems. else you have to sleep o your left side to improve the digestive system.

Sleeping on the left side can filter some toxins in the body, also lymph fluid, and waste to the thoracic duct and lymph nodes.

The digestive system  works best in this position and has the ability to get rid of toxins through waste.

How to teach your body to sleep on this position:

  1. If you have the manner of sleeping naturally on your front, back, or right you have to know these tips  to train your body to sleep quickly to on this position.
  2. Lay on your left side and press a full-length body pillow up against your back. If you start trying to roll over during the night, you will be stopped by the pillow.
  3. Switch which side of the bed you sleep on. This little change can make it easy for you to flip to your other side so that you enjoy the same sleeping experience.
  4. Keep a dim light lit on the table on your right side. Your body will naturally want to stay away from light during sleep, which makes it much easier to stay on your left side.

This small changes you do when sleeping is the best thing you can do to your health, so better start it right away.


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