Meaning of White Spots or Lines to Your Fingernails Will Alarm You..

Curious about having a white spot on your fingernails?  We don't know what is the meaning of this marks.
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According to study white spot have something to do with our body, more even we have a worst case diseased in our body that we didn't know.

Some claim that if white spot occurs it may indicate a liver disease.

White spot on the fingernails also known as Leukonychia. It can be lines or dots. If you find this on your fingernails you must know the cause to early prevent diseases that may occur in your body.

List of causes why white spots appear on your fingernails:

1. Your body needs Protein
> Some lines can be seen on he nail bed it means that your body is a lack of protein, it is advisable to eat food high in protein. If body protein goes back to normal this line spot will disappear.

2. Nail Injuries
> Sometimes white spots can be seen because of injury, that is also called as a the matrix.

3. Allergy
> Sometimes due to an allergic reaction of nail polish and nail remover white spots appears on Nails.

4. Body Lack of Zinc
> If the body is  lack of zinc, probably there will be a white spot on their nails.

5. Fungal Superficial Onychomycosis
> This is commonly seen on the toenails, the white spots on the nails and they appear on the nail plate then spreads out to the nail bed because of Fungi.

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6. Other Serious Diseases
Person found to have white spots on fingernails might have the following disease:

- Liver disease, named as cirrhosis and hepatitis
- Kidney disease
- Anemia

It is advisable to visit experts and health professional when this occur.

White spots are just temporary it will be removed after 8 months this is the longest period of nails growth.

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