Man Diagnosed with Eye Cancer, Because of Staying Up Late While Doing This..


Do you always use your Mobile phones when going to sleep? Using it in dim lights or even lights are off?

Did you know that this habit is not good for you and most especially in your two eyes? Know what will happen to your eyes if you continue using mobile phones before you go to sleep.

According to studies, the light emitted from mobile phones has great effects in the human eye in dim lights or lights off.

A 40-year old man was announced with eye cancer after reportedly staying up late at night while using his smartphone every night.

Man Diagnosed with Eye Cancer
Photo: Man with Eye Cancer |

Due to exposure to high screen brightness that can dry the eyes, causing them to be irritated and damaged.

This man went to the doctors to know what is was the problem of his eyes. Doctor found that his vision was impaired and degraded due to overuse of a smartphone overnight.

Eye professionals said that you must lower your brightness when using a mobile phone or smartphone in dim lights or lights turned off.

The best advice is not to use it or avoid using it in dim lights or lights off or else you will suffer the same thing with your eyes like this man who's vision was affected.

H/t: Dailycosmicfeed

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