Aiza Seguerra Open letter to Gov Mendoza Gone Viral, Must Read

Filipino Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist, Aiza Seguerra posted an open letter  to Governor of Cotabato Lala Tolentino to share own views on what's happening to Kidapawan.

The open letter has gone viral on social media sites originally posted on Aiza's Instagram Saturday, April 2.

In an interview, North Cotabato Gov Lala Mendoza said that they will not accept all donations to political candidates. "Don't make North Cotabato Staging Ground for propaganda" - Gov. Lala Mendoza.

Per Aiza, Hindi po nakakain ang Pride. Now that the Filipino people are seeping up to help sasabihin ninyo insulto pa sa inyo.

Kung kayo Kandidato mo kaya ang nagbigay ng bigas, will you say the same thing, Aiza questioned.

Read Aiza Seguerra's Open letter:

Instagram/Aiza Seguerra -- Screenshot

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