Why He Pours Salt to the Drain, His reason will Amaze you!

We all know that the salt or a table salt is widely used in cooking to add flavor to our food, it also uses as a preservative to some of the food such as salted fish for long-term storage. You can put also salt to make water boil quicker.

Other than that there are other uses of salt that we don’t discover. After watching the video below you’ll know some of it uses to make life easier.
In the video, via Householdhacker Youtube shows 7 salt hacks that can easily perform in your home. He shows some of the salt uses like cleaning an iron, greasy sponge, and pan stickiness. He also uses salt to clean a bathtub and drain.

Of course, There are more materials or ingredients that can easily find in your home used in the video but most of it are salts. There you go, now you know there are other things that salt can do. You can share it to your friends and tell them it’s alternative uses.

Here's the video:


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