3 Home Remedies for Sagging Breasts, You should know number 1!

No doubt most of the women have insecurities to their body. One thing they fear is when breasts begin to sag. So why you are here? Definitely, You are looking for the things to do to prevent sagging and promote health.
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Why has Your Breast Sag?

According to experts, Breast is not muscle they are made up of fatty tissues and glands for producing milk. All of this are covered with aa naturally elastic skin because of the presence of protein elastin.

Causes of early breast sagging:

1. Smoking
2. Weight Gain and Loss
3. Pregnancy

Home Remedies: 

There are many steps for you to keep your breast firm. Check out our 3 home remedies on how to keep your breast firm:

1. Ice Massage - Ice massage is considered very effective to regain firmness in sagging breasts and uplift them. The cold Temperature will cause the tissue to contract, in turn making the breasts appear firmer and more lifted.

How it’s done: Take a 2 ice cube and massage them in circular motions around each of your breasts for 1minute only. Dry the breasts with a soft towel and immediately put on a properly fitting bra. Stay in a reclining position for30 minutes. Do this at regular intervals throughout the day.

Note: Do not expose your breasts to the ice for more than 1 minute a the same time It can cause numbness.

2. Olive oil - Massaging your breasts with olive oil is an excellent technique to firm sagging breasts. Olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids that can reverse the damage caused by free radicals and prevent sagging breasts. Plus, it will help improve the skin tone and texture.

How: Put some olive oil on your palms and rub them together to generate heat. Rub your palms over your breasts in an upward motion. Massage gently for about 15 minutes to increase blood flow and stimulate cell repair. Follow this remedy at least 4 or 5 times per week.
You can also use almond, argan, avocado of jojoba as an alternative to massage your breasts.

3.  Cucumber and Egg Yolk - Another excellent remedy for lifting the breasts is a mask prepared from cucumber and egg yolk. Cucumber has natural skin-toning properties and egg yolk has high levels of protein and vitamins that can help treat sagging breasts.

How: By using a blender, put 1 small cucumber. Mix in 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of butter or cream to get a paste. Apply in onto your breasts and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Finally, wash it off thoroughly with cold water. Use this mask once a week to firm and strengthen the breast tissue.

Check out this video for more tips.

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